Wealthy Affiliate Review 2021- Will Wealthy Affiliate Help YOU To Make Money Online?

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2021

Will wealthy affiliate help you to make money online?  The short answer is yes, yes and yes again!

Wealthy Affiliate has been well named, because it really does provides a wealth of knowledge about Internet Marketing and it shows you how to implement what you learn.

It was established by the owners Kyle and Carson in 2005 and has a membership of one and a half million.

I am including a short Wealthy Affiliate University Review in this post !

You can choose the free version which includes 10 lessons to get you started and two 100% free websites which you can set up in minutes, even if you don’t have a clue about websites or internet marketing.

  • Reading my wealthy affiliate review can be your first step towards the freedom lifestyle that most people can only dream about.
  • There is also a paid option but you’re not pressurised in any way to choose this and there is no limit to the time you can remain as a free member and use your free websites.
  • One of the many advantages of membership that really appeals to me is the great supportive community spirit within WA and the willingness of the members to help each other and share their skills. It is by far the most interactive helpful community online.
  • It is a truly caring and sharing community.
  • The feedback is great to use as a tool for building your business and also because it is a wonderful way to build your confidence with like- minded people.
  • It appeals to all ages from teenagers to baby boomers and people from all backgrounds.
  • It gives people the opportunity to supplement their wages or pensions so that they can have some of life’s little luxuries or if they are serious and prepared to be consistent they can build up to a 6 figure income.
  • It is so easy for anybody to build their own website in any niche and there is instant support if you have any website or hosting issues.
  • For those who are coach-able (this is the key to success) and are prepared to follow the step by step instructions, there is also the possibility of reaching the stage where WA provides enough income to enable you to give up the day job and live the laptop entrepreneur freedom lifestyle.

It’s not a Get Rich Quick Scheme but a way of using your effort and abilities to create an income for yourself and your family.

The Pros and Cons


  • There is training to get you started even if you are completely new to internet marketing
  • Wealthy Affiliate has the Most Advanced and Comprehensive Training in The Industry
  • It’s a wide variety of training including video training and affiliate training, SEO and Analytics.
  • There is advice on choosing a niche, but even if you aren’t ready to make that choice there is a boot-camp for affiliate marketing and you can use Wealthy Affiliate as your first niche.


  • A community which is second to none
  • 24 hour support
  • Live Q & As
  • 2 x 100% Free,Websites – The most sophisticated website platform in the world
  • Fast Hosting -100% free
  • SSL (secure websites) at no extra cost
  • Simple Step by Step Training
  • Great Keyword Tool/keyword and research platform
  • Free Special Content Platform with a ton of free images, grammar checker and more smart features
  • Comments Platform
  • Feedback Platform
  • Direct Access to Internet Marketing Experts who have already have made 7 figure incomes
  • Spam Prohibited – WA is a totally spam free zone
  • World Class Training with thousands of training courses  
  • Fresh Training on a weekly basis by the top leaders
  • Live chat instant coaching
  • Absolutely 100% FREE to Get Started! (with no catches)
  • No Up sells – no pressure to become a member
  • Database of Best Affiliate Programs
  • WA has tools that are not available anywhere else on the internet.
  • 24/7 help centre
  • Earn Credits by performing tasks and creating training
  • Lucrative affiliate training
  • Make 100 sales from now to the end of the year and receive an all expenses paid trip to Las Vegas
  • Real time personalised invitations
  • As a Premium member you can get private coaching, mentoring, support, and the ability to network and create “million dollar” relationships.

For these reasons and more I could look you straight in the eye and tell you that I would highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to start an online business or grow their existing one.

My Wealthy Affiliate Review

Let’s face it there are lots of places we can promote our businesses – but none that offer the comprehensive training and support that’s available at WA.

Are you wondering if Wealthy Affiliate would help you reach your goals? Here are a few facts about WA that may answer that question for you.

    • Wealthy Affiliates provides training for everyone including newbies and established marketers
    • You can work at your own pace – there are step by step instructions and tick the box actions to take to speed up your learning curve and make sure you have understood the lesson.
    • You can go over each lesson as many times as you like and get support from both the company and the community if you are having any difficulties with it.
    • As well as learning to blog, you will learn how to monetise your blog
    • You can promote your own business, an affiliate business or just Wealthy Affiliate or all three
    • You will learn how to use social media to promote whatever business or businesses you have chosen
    • You will be amazed at how helpful and supportive the WA members are and many friendships are formed there.
    • You can get feedback to give you ideas how you can improve your website
    • You’ll learn about choosing the most effective keywords and how to choose a niche

The Wealthy Affiliate University includes step by step getting started training, bootcamps, weekly live video training. You even get the opportunity to create trainings yourself and get paid for them.

If you are really keen and consistent you can even earn an all expenses paid  trip to Las Vegas to mastermind with the owners Kyle and Carson and fellow members of Wealthy Affiliate

What happens when you have finished the training? – well there are already over 300 trainings included in WA and more are added on a regular basis.

Warning – The longer I am a member of WA the more I appreciate it and realise it is a very special place. It has become ADDICTIVE, not only to me but also to a lot of my fellow members. So don’t say you haven’t been warned!

You will be amazed by the amount of tried and tested strategies you will discover. All of them are designed to move your business forward at a steady pace.

Q Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam?   Definitely and unequivocally, it is not.

I am inclined to emphasise my favourite parts of WA which include the internet marketing skill sets training, but as an affiliate you can also earn as you learn. You are given affiliate links from the outset which you can track and share with the internet community.

So why not try it out? – you have absolutely nothing to lose and a lot to gain whether you are a newbie or an experienced marketer.

Wealthy Affiliate has been the vehicle of transformation for many members. Wealthy Affiliates is amazing and you are more than welcome to try it out for free (no catches).

You can gain effective online marketing skills starting from now when you decide to work online with wealthy affiliate.  Let’s face it the fact that it has 250,000 members speaks for itself.

and if it’s not everything you had hoped for you and more can easily unsubscribe in a second.

If you have any more questions, just drop a comment. We will respond as soon as possible.

Best of success to You


P.S. Here is a bonus training to help your create great reviews.   If this was of interest to you, you will probably like this post too.

Grow Your Business

Want to Increase your sales

  • Gain time freedom?
  • Fire your boss?
  • Spend more time with your family?
  • Work from home?
  • Get rid of your debts?
  • Pay off your mortgage?
  • Travel whenever you feel like it?
  • Help Your Family and Friends?
  • Help  Others To Gain TheirFinancial Freedom?

Whatever your ultimate goals are, there is one essential skill that you are going to have to learn and that is how to master the art of growing your list.  You must find out how to attract your target market to your affiliate offers, your products and  to your blog .  You will have to learn how to get people to like and trust you enough to pull out their credit cards and invest in your offers.

That may seem like a mighty task to you now, but there is a way that you can leverage other people’s efforts to do that.  If you had access to the strategies, the knowledge, the mindset and  the expertise of the rockstars of the online marketing industry, wouldn’t it all seem a lot less daunting to you

The good news is that you access to all that is only a click away.  You can give it a no risk trial right away.


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Making Money Online With Eric Worre and Jeff Roberti

Learn to Make Money Online

Inspiration or Desperation?

Best Way To Make Money Online

Eric Worre interviews Jeff Roberti who generously shares many nuggets about his path to mega success.  Although he achieved his success in the field of network marketing, most -if not all- of what he has said can also be applied to making money online.

If you are learning how to make money online at home, I hope you will find these videos as inspirational as I have done. Whether you choose affiliate marketing or one of the many other ways of making money online, I suggest you watch these videos a few times to absorb the value within them.

The best way to make money online from home  is to help others who are struggling.  You may still be struggling yourself but it’s clear that if a former waiter can earn $80 million and help many others along the way, there is hope for you and for me.

I am known as the number one Queen of Hope because I have proved in my life that persistence does pay off in the end.  That is how I found my 100 year old mother after searching for over 40 years, but that’s another story for another day..

Whether you just want to earn extra money online or make your fortune, I hope that it is now very clear that YOU CAN DO IT  if you have the persistence and the work ethic and above all the genuine desire to help others.  It may not be easy, but it’s not rocket science. So what are you waiting for? You can get started for free simply by clicking the button below



Affiliate Marketing Tips and Tricks

Affiliate marketing is how many of the top marketers get started in internet marketing. My first introduction to affiliate marketing was at the World Internet Summit in London hosted by Tom Hua. There were famous marketers on stage that weekend including Armand Morin, Matt Bacak and Ewen Chai.

Ewen Chia is known as the Super Affiliate as he has been super successful with affiliate marketing. After watching his presentation I realized that Affiliate Marketing is probably the best way to get started in internet marketing. All the tools are provided by the owner of the product, so anyone can get started right away – even before they have learnt any of the skills that are required for other kinds of online marketing. Even marketers who are successful with other types of marketing continue to use affiliate marketing as a sideline to provide a passive income for themselves.

In this video John has given a very clear explanation of how to get started in affiliate marketing. I hope that you will find it useful and you can find out more here.

Get Started in Internet Marketing Today

Get started in internet marketing!  The reason I am saying this is because I want you to win.  I know that the sooner you get started, the sooner you will be able to find the time to spend more time with your family and your hobbies.  This is a great time to get started as there are so many innovations and improvements in the pipeline that will provide even more value in store for all of us next year. Anyone can do this.  It does not require any technical skills.  All you need is commitment and focus.

You can find out more about affiliate marketing on this post.

Video Marketing Strategy For Affiliates

Vick Strizheus earned over $700k in a couple of months – he uses video to promote his affiliate marketing business.
A video online strategy in your affiliate business can improve your results by leaps and bounds. It can create more traffic and sales for your affiliate business and brand you faster than blogging.

If you are not using it already this video may provide a light bulb moment for you.

Video Marketing is a highly effective way to promote your brand online, to increase your sales and sponsor more people into your team. So wouldn’t it be crazy not to take advantage of it?

  • Have you convinced yourself that video is not your thing?
  • Are you  worried about what people might think of you and your videos.
  • Every single expert who makes videos had to make their first video
  • They had to get over themselves and make many videos before they became experts.
  • Your  audience is more interested in your message and what it can do for them  and what it can do for them- than in your appearance or video presentation skills.

Fear of public speaking is common, but fear of making videos comes a very close second in the internet marketing business.

If you really don’t want to show your face then you could make a PowerPoint presentation and put that on video.  Nowadays you can make professional animated videos fast with video creation software.

If you would like some expert free training on video lead generation, just click here to get it right away.

Todd Herman on The WOW Factor

Todd Herman on The WOW Factor

We have all felt “stuck” at sometime in our lives. Ready to throw in the towel or just hide under the sheets. It’s just part of the human condition. Todd Herman has given us amazing insight into why this happens and more importantly what we can do about it.

I am a great fan of Tony Robbins and since I read “Awaken The Giant Within” many moons ago I have realized just how important it is for us to understand why we do the things we do. It is so much easier to solve a problem when you understand why it is happening. I for one had no idea that there was a biological process going on in our brains that can prevent us from making the changes that would improve our lives and create success.


Todd Herman on The WOW Factor

Knowing why we feel the way we do makes it so much easier to find the path to success in all aspects of our lives. Todd has given us the five practical steps that will create the “wow factor” in our lives.

  • A Clear Specific Vision about the Growth or Skill that we want to acquire
  • Trigger Goals – e.g. taking the first step towards a goal such as putting on your gym clothes or cycling to the end of your drive or writing a title for blog.
  • Improvement Goals – specific goals with a date attached. Micro incremental improvements such as writing an extra page or doing a few extra push-ups
  • Joining a Tribe – an accountability partner, a mentor, a friend, an online community – some-one with whom you can share your ideas,your goals, your vision.
  • Script your setbacks – this is a powerful one. Decide in advance how you are going to deal with negative feedback and challenges Visualize how you will re-act and what you will say or do when they happened. Preparation is the key.

Plan out tomorrow today -of course most days will not go exactly to plan but you will feel more in control of your day and you are more likely to get things done.


Todd Herman on The WOW Factor

So what has all this got to do with affiliate marketing you may be asking. My answer would be everything.

Your mind-set effects your confidence, the way you deal with prospects and it can turn failure into massive success.

It is easy to understand how Todd Herman is so successful – I recommend that you watch “The Wow” Factor at  least twice  and take notes.  The phrase “Life Changing Information” is  used far too much but  in this case it really is 100% correct.

If you are serious about transforming your life click here now to find out about  an incredible new automated marketing software.


Earn Money Online Without Investment

Earn money online without investment

Earn money online without investment sounds crazy doesn’t it?  Maybe you think this might be some kind of joke or scheme to persuade you to part with your hard earned cash .  How on earth could anybody start any business especially an online business without investing any money in it?   That’s the best part of becoming an affiliate marketer – you can usually bcome one without having to part with any of your hard earned cash,  The only requirements are access to the internet and either a computer or a mobile phone.   Then again there’s always the library.

Earn money online without investment

You can learn how to do affiliate marketing   – it’s easy if you follow the steps in our free affiliate marketing guide,The first step in starting up a business on the internet is to learn how to do internet marketing and this can cost a fortune.

You can not only earn from top experts for free but you can also join a very supportive community which also includes members who are knowledgeable on all aspects of marketing and business.  You can not only become both a member and an affiliate  and it’s absolutely 100%free.

      •  As if that isn’t enough you will be given 2 free websites with step by step instructions to set it up.
      •  There are lessons and videos which you can study at your own pace.
      • You will learn how to set up Google adsense, even your own shop online if that’s what you would like.

At the risk of sounding boring I repeat that all this is absolutely 100% free.

Earn money online without investment

You are under no obligation to buy anything and no credit details are required.  So it doesn’t matter whether you are struggling to live on a pension or unemployed or just want to work at home – this is an opportunity that works for everybody who is prepared to set aside the time to learn while you earn.           Invitation to Freedom

Why would YOU decide to accept this invitation? –

      1. The first reason is that there is no doubt online business is the way forward and the sooner you get started the better for you.  It’s not a get rich quick scheme, so you do have to be prepared to put in the effort if you want to succeed.  It can actually be fun – everybody likes to make progress in life and see the fruits of their progress.
      2. I know that a certain percentage of you will take advantage of this training and build a website or two and learn as much as they can about this business and decide that they want to take it a step further and become a premium paid member.

That’s really it in a nutshell.  The ball is in your court now.  Do you want to earn some holiday money or do you want to put the effort in from today so that you can achieve the freedom lifestyle that is there for the taking for those who are prepared to take it seriously,  The Choice is yours.

Here is Your Invitation to Success

Earn money online without investment

If you decide to get started with the 2 free websites then hosting will also be provided for free.  However if you already have  your own domain or would prefer to buy one you can also get free web hosting which also includes an affiliate program that allows you to earn affiliate  commissions of up to $125.


Be Focused – Stay Focused


Be Focused – Stay Focused


Be Focused -Stay Focused  – That’s how he did it and so can you!   Armon Anderson is such a great example of how all the things that we learn about in the training courses can come together and create massive success.  He had the motivation and was smart enough to get the right mentors and stay around the people he needed to model.  Combining all these things with the intention to put people first created the lifestyle that we all dream about.

Be Focused – Stay Focused

His determination to ignore the naysayers and focus on his vision made that vision a reality.  This young man has shown by example how to be a leader, how to be a successful marketer.  The question is how many of us can stay focused long enough to follow in his footsteps?

Be Focused – Stay Focused

I hope that you will be inspire by his video and his wish that we will become network marketers because it really is “the better way”.  There is no time like the present to start the momentum towards your goals.  You can get all the training that you need to get started in  affiliate marketing and internet marketing here so what are you waiting for?  Get Started Right Away..

Freedom – What Does It Mean To You?



Freedom -The Ultimate Reward?

There are so many types of freedom -Freedom of Speech, Freedom from Slavery, Political Freedom, Freedom from Poverty, Freedom To Choose Your Partner in Life, Religious Freedom

We all seek freedom, whether it is time freedom or financial freedom or just the freedom to be ourselves and spend our time with the people we love , doing the things we enjoy.  Do you have a job that is taking away your freedom – preventing you from making your own agenda, your own decisions? Have you really reached the point where you are ready to change and do whatever it takes to turn your dreams into reality?  Freedom is within your reach –  but it requires determination, persistence, patience and quitting just isn’t an option.

 Freedom -What Does It Mean To You?

In the West we can take many freedoms for granted  but the vast majority of us suffer from lack of freedom throughout our working lives.    We are not free to spend time with our family and friends or go where we want to go without permission from our boss.  We spend so much time stuck in an office or factory while those who have discovered the key to freedom are wiggling their toes on some sandy beach.  They started out just like you with a vision of how they wanted their life to be but no idea how they were going to make it happen.

Freedom -Willing To Pay The Price?

There is always a price to pay for freedom.  The question is whether or not you are prepared to pay that price.  You need to start asking yourself new hard questions.  Above all  you have to believe that you can do it.  No more obstacles only challenges – no more problems,only solutions.

Would you commit to working  really hard and being laser- focused for ninety days to obtain financial freedom for the rest of your life?  Seems like a fair price to me.  Freedom isn’t an airy fairy thing that you talk about when you have had a few drinks.  It’s a real concrete possibility, it’s a choice, it’s a decision but one that only you can make.

So what is holding you back?  It might be worth finding the answer to that question – it really could transform your life.  You could find that it’s easier than you imagine.  One path to financial freedom is Internet Marketing.

Would you prefer to be stuck in an office or a factory or wiggling your toes in the hot sand on the beaches of the world?  Kind of a  no-brainer.  Being able to live where you want and have the financial freedom that allows you to choose what you do with your time is the ultimate freedom.

To Learn More About Internet Marketing and selling online take a look at this system that I’m using to create freedom for myself and my family while building  my own online business   


Internet Marketing – Persuasion Techniques

Persuasion Techniques

We see ads day and daily in magazines, newspapers, in the street,at the movies and on TV.  Have you ever stopped to wonder how these advertising professionals manage to persuade us to buy their products?  Usually they tell a story – we are all curious to know the end of the story.

They research their market to the Nth degree.  Finding out their needs, their wants, their problems and giving them the solutions.  They find ways to empathize with them and convince them that they can improve their lives in some way.

Great copy writing is the key to to the written ads. Every word has to earn it’s place.

Some words can grab our attention and convince us that we need whatever it is they are promoting.  These advertising people know who to target  and how to persuade them once they have got their attention.  They have to speak the language of their market and anticipate their questions and objections. They use their marketing skills to overcome the reluctance to buy -they need to believe that they are getting value.

Persuasion Techniques

It’s not about you -it’s all about your customers.  What are your customers thoughts when they land on your page?   The level of trust is determined by how comfortable they feel  Audio can increases conversions by 300%.

Speaking fast creates excitement and  speaking slowly is reassuring.  Be appropriate for your market.  You need to persuade your prospective buyer to want what you have within 30 seconds.

Persuasion Techniques

Always have your outcome in mind and then tell a relevant story with a purpose. Identify your most wanted result.

  “Never tell a story without a point and never make a point without a story”  Charles Tremendous Jones.

There are ways of increasing your opt-in rate and it is your business to find out what these are.  For example music can be used as an introduction to your videos to increase your opt-in rate.

Always always always know your outcome in every aspect of your business.  It is essential to identify most wanted result

You need to  know where your prospects are on the awareness scale  Are they  oblivious to your outcome?  Are they pondering about whether or not to join your business or are they totally engaged  with your marketing objective?

Appeal to the their learning styles.  The Whyers, The What learners, The How Learners  and the What If learners

Create a decision environment.  Lead your prospects to a point where the only rational thing they can do is to make a decision to buy.  don’t be afraid to tell them to take action. People like to buy and they like to be told what to do.

You need a system and then add your prospects to it.  Email twice a day.  Use your persuasive powers in your blogs, your videos, your opt-in boxes and your sales letters.  Use audios to persuade and write as you talk.

Focus on good outcomes for customers – consistent persuasion creates consistent results.  There’s no such thing as copy that’s too long – only copy that is boring – make your copy interesting or model those leaders who have great copy.  Write about the the things your prospects are  thinking about

Speak the language of your market  You should be aware of the colors,words and sounds and pauses the effect they are having on your marketing.
Find out about Persuasion and so much more. You can earn while you learn. We will give you the blueprint, the training and more than you could even imagine to help you succeed in your business or to start up a business within minutes.

Just  click here  to find out more,

You will find all the training you need and so much more inside Empower Network.  Your results will improve when you master persuasion techniques.




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About The Author: 

I am a granny with 3 terrific grandsons. I found my own fabulous fun loving mother three days before her hundredth birthday. My top ambition is to be the number one granny on Empower Network. If you are ready to make some serious money from blogging click here to join my team

Affiliate Marketing Strategies – Do They Work?

Affiliate Marketer

Like To Become An Affiliate Marketer?

What Is The Best Way To Make Money Online? 

Have you had a few setbacks lately?  Maybe you have finally decided to change things for once and for all.  The good news is that you are not alone and even better, that it really doesn’t matter what has happened to you in the past.      Setbacks are often just what the doctor ordered – they make us realise that it’s time to make a change, go down a new path.

                           Internet Marketing allows everybody to start with a clean sheet

No  CVs,no boss, nobody telling you what time  to start work or when to finish – sounds good doesn’t it?     Your thoughts and your actions have got you to the place you are today.  It’s what you have decid to do NOW that really counts.

All it takes is the belief that you can do it and a firm decision that you will do it .  The fact that  you are  reading this means that  the chances are you are ready to set your sails in a new direction.

A word of warning!  If you are hoping to find some  easy ways to make money on-line then it’s likely that you will be disappointed.

What Is The Best Way To Make Money Online? 

So let go of all those limiting beliefs that got you to this place in your life and your business. When you stop living in the past and beating yourself up for all the mistakes you have made and all the opportunities you have missed then you will be looking at a different person in the mirror tomorrow morning.

Probably the easist way to get started is affiliate marketing online.  It doesn’t necessarily cost anything to get started (depending on what platform you decide to market).

The most popular ones are Clickbank, Commission Junction, Share a Sale and Amazon.  I would recommend Clickbank to begin with – they have good tutorials and provide you with everything you need including sales letters etc.

There are lots of different ways that you can market – you can do it by blogging, making videos, creating a product or an e-book to sell but these take some time to set up.  

If you want to get started right away, even without a website , you can sell other people’s products – that’s what’s known as affiliate marketing.  and that is my personal favorite.  

Everything is set up for you – you don’t need  to think up ad copy or get involved with posting or shipping products.

All you have to do is find the people who are interested in buying.  Sounds too easy – doesn’t it?  

You have to learn how to find these people  and that is the skill  that is the most sought after by internet marketers.   Internet Marketing is a way of life – it requires patience, persistence and determination and above all CONSISTENCY.

There is much to learn but you can earn while you learn.  It often has more downs than ups in the beginning , but if you can hold on to the belief that you will make it no matter what – then you have got what it takes to become an affiliate marketer .

One of the top marketers, Eric Worre, ends all his presentations with these words -We Have a Better Way”   and I have to agree with him 100 per cent.  If you really want to become an affiliate marketer then you can find one of the highest paying affiliate programs here.  I am already a member and if you would like to join me or just find out more  click this link now

What do you think ?- I’d love to hear your comments.


The Pros and Cons of YouTube Channels



I wrote a lot of blogs before I made a videos.  I made a lot of youtube videos before I decided to make a channel.  Making videos is a fast and easy way to create trust and build a list.

Quite often people lack the confidence to make a video on YouTube or anywhere else for that matter.  

They worry about who might see it. They worry about their appearance, their accent, their knowledge on the subject they have chosen to talk about – the list goes on. The bottom line is that you have to start somewhere and even some of the top marketers admit that they were pretty hopeless at making videos when they started.

The good news is that the more videos you make the easier it becomes and that is when you start to get results.

If you really can’t gather up the courage to make one then why not do a powerpoint presentation using your voice just to get started?

Once you have got about a dozen videos you can start a channel on personal development for example or whatever your favourite topic or niche is.

When viewers enjoy one of your videos the chances are they will watch more from your channel – and if they get value from them they will probably watch them all. This is a fast way to get engagement with them and after watching your channel they may well tell their friends about it or even buy some of your products.

Hopefully they will subscribe to your channel and therefore automatically receive each new video that you create. You can send them to your link or your webpage or one of your social websites and then they will be on your list and maybe even a fan for life.

There are certainly a lot more pros than cons but there are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind.  It’s best to make sure that you make a copy of all your videos and then this will not be such a disaster if YouTube did not like your video for whatever reason they are perfectly within their rights to close your account and sometimes do so.

The other thing is that you should always be creating value, videos should be informative or entertaining not just you talking about yourself. Always remember who your target audience is and ask yourself this question “Is this video going to move them towards their goals?” If it is then it is a good video -i  otherwise just go back to the drawing board.

Always make sure that your link is in the top 2 lines of the description.
Have your keywords in the title and the first sentence and the last sentence and when it has been uploaded add the url of the youtube video to the bottom of your description.

If you would like to find out more about this you can join my team now.