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Before you make a new blog It’s essential that you set an intention for that blog. The intention can be to get people to go to your sales pages or to opt in to your mailing list or to become a member of your group or team.
Mostly the outcome that you have in mind is to use it to get more leads, traffic and sale.. With this in mind, I have created this 9 Step Guide For You.

[You may already know some of these steps but you can use this guide as a quick reminder or checklist that you have completed these steps to make your blog more effective. You can add more if you have some extra steps that have worked for you in the past.]

1. Research Your Target Audience in groups and forums or wherever you know they hang out (even if that is in the local supermarket) Write about what they want and need, not about what you think they should want to fit in with your outcomes? Spend some time finding out their motivations, dreams and goals? This will be time well spent. What are the obstacles that are in the way of these goals?

2. Put yourself in their shoes. Make it your business to know more about their problems than they do and have the solutions at hand. Every single post should either answer their questions or provide them with valuable information that will take them a step closer to their goals. Aim to make your post so good that they will read it more than once, maybe even bookmark it . This will lead them back to your blog and encourage them to optin to your list.

3 Have a theme or a plan for all your posts.. After you publish each new post, follow a promotional plan to get the word out about your new post and attract readers (especially on Social Media). Also consider what else you can do to promote your blog such as guest blogging, sharing YouTube videos that link to your blog, being interviewed as a guest on podcasts or other websites… 9 Ways to Get More Traffic Leads and Sales by Blogging 3 9 Ways to Get More Traffic Leads and Sales by Blogging

4. Blog consistently You don’t have to blog every day but consistency is the key. This is important for your ranking on Google as well as keeping your readers interest and gaining their trust.

5. Share your blog posts with your social media platforms as well as your list. Syndicate your posts by scheduling them. This will make a vast difference to the number of leads,traffic and sales. A lot of this can be automated and the sooner you get this scheduling system set up the better. You should spend more time marketing your posts than you do writing them.

6. Respond to every comment and if you can find the commenter’s blog return the favor. This
engagement will also help your Google ranking.

7. Don’t forget to Include an opt-in form on every page. You can find a plugin for this or use leadpages or one from your autoresponder.

8. Always remember to include a strong “Call to Action”at the end of every post.. If it’s a long post you can have a few CTAs throughout the post. Whatever you do, make sure it is not a wishy washy one – tell them exactly what you want them to do and what they can expect to gain by taking action.

9. Set up a personal thank you page on your autoresponder – you could even add a short thank you video. Segment your list (if you don’t know how to do that just Google it) so that you can follow up with relevant tips and content. Most of the money is in the follow up so don’t neglect this important part of your business.

Hope This Helps
To Your Success


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