Affiliate Marketing Tips and Tricks

Affiliate marketing is how many of the top marketers get started in internet marketing. My first introduction to affiliate marketing was at the World Internet Summit in London hosted by Tom Hua. There were famous marketers on stage that weekend including Armand Morin, Matt Bacak and Ewen Chai.

Ewen Chia is known as the Super Affiliate as he has been super successful with affiliate marketing. After watching his presentation I realized that Affiliate Marketing is probably the best way to get started in internet marketing. All the tools are provided by the owner of the product, so anyone can get started right away – even before they have learnt any of the skills that are required for other kinds of online marketing. Even marketers who are successful with other types of marketing continue to use affiliate marketing as a sideline to provide a passive income for themselves.

In this video John has given a very clear explanation of how to get started in affiliate marketing. I hope that you will find it useful and you can find out more here.

Video Marketing Strategy For Affiliates

Vick Strizheus earned over $700k in a couple of months – he uses video to promote his affiliate marketing business.
A video online strategy in your affiliate business can improve your results by leaps and bounds. It can create more traffic and sales for your affiliate business and brand you faster than blogging.

If you are not using it already this video may provide a light bulb moment for you.

Video Marketing is a highly effective way to promote your brand online, to increase your sales and sponsor more people into your team. So wouldn’t it be crazy not to take advantage of it?

  • Have you convinced yourself that video is not your thing?
  • Are you  worried about what people might think of you and your videos.
  • Every single expert who makes videos had to make their first video
  • They had to get over themselves and make many videos before they became experts.
  • Your  audience is more interested in your message and what it can do for them  and what it can do for them- than in your appearance or video presentation skills.

Fear of public speaking is common, but fear of making videos comes a very close second in the internet marketing business.

If you really don’t want to show your face then you could make a PowerPoint presentation and put that on video.  Nowadays you can make professional animated videos fast with video creation software.

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Todd Herman on The WOW Factor

Todd Herman on The WOW Factor

We have all felt “stuck” at sometime in our lives. Ready to throw in the towel or just hide under the sheets. It’s just part of the human condition. Todd Herman has given us amazing insight into why this happens and more importantly what we can do about it.

I am a great fan of Tony Robbins and since I read “Awaken The Giant Within” many moons ago I have realized just how important it is for us to understand why we do the things we do. It is so much easier to solve a problem when you understand why it is happening. I for one had no idea that there was a biological process going on in our brains that can prevent us from making the changes that would improve our lives and create success.


Todd Herman on The WOW Factor

Knowing why we feel the way we do makes it so much easier to find the path to success in all aspects of our lives. Todd has given us the five practical steps that will create the “wow factor” in our lives.

  • A Clear Specific Vision about the Growth or Skill that we want to acquire
  • Trigger Goals – e.g. taking the first step towards a goal such as putting on your gym clothes or cycling to the end of your drive or writing a title for blog.
  • Improvement Goals – specific goals with a date attached. Micro incremental improvements such as writing an extra page or doing a few extra push-ups
  • Joining a Tribe – an accountability partner, a mentor, a friend, an online community – some-one with whom you can share your ideas,your goals, your vision.
  • Script your setbacks – this is a powerful one. Decide in advance how you are going to deal with negative feedback and challenges Visualize how you will re-act and what you will say or do when they happened. Preparation is the key.

Plan out tomorrow today -of course most days will not go exactly to plan but you will feel more in control of your day and you are more likely to get things done.


Todd Herman on The WOW Factor

So what has all this got to do with affiliate marketing you may be asking. My answer would be everything.

Your mind-set effects your confidence, the way you deal with prospects and it can turn failure into massive success.

It is easy to understand how Todd Herman is so successful – I recommend that you watch “The Wow” Factor at  least twice  and take notes.  The phrase “Life Changing Information” is  used far too much but  in this case it really is 100% correct.

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Earn Money Online Without Investment

Earn money online without investment

Earn money online without investment sounds crazy doesn’t it?  Maybe you think this might be some kind of joke or scheme to persuade you to part with your hard earned cash .  How on earth could anybody start any business especially an online business without investing any money in it?   That’s the best part of becoming an affiliate marketer – you can usually bcome one without having to part with any of your hard earned cash,  The only requirements are access to the internet and either a computer or a mobile phone.   Then again there’s always the library.

Earn money online without investment

You can learn how to do affiliate marketing   – it’s easy if you follow the steps in our free affiliate marketing guide,The first step in starting up a business on the internet is to learn how to do internet marketing and this can cost a fortune.

You can not only earn from top experts for free but you can also join a very supportive community which also includes members who are knowledgeable on all aspects of marketing and business.  You can not only become both a member and an affiliate  and it’s absolutely 100%free.

      •  As if that isn’t enough you will be given 2 free websites with step by step instructions to set it up.
      •  There are lessons and videos which you can study at your own pace.
      • You will learn how to set up Google adsense, even your own shop online if that’s what you would like.

At the risk of sounding boring I repeat that all this is absolutely 100% free.

Earn money online without investment

You are under no obligation to buy anything and no credit details are required.  So it doesn’t matter whether you are struggling to live on a pension or unemployed or just want to work at home – this is an opportunity that works for everybody who is prepared to set aside the time to learn while you earn.           Invitation to Freedom

Why would YOU decide to accept this invitation? –

      1. The first reason is that there is no doubt online business is the way forward and the sooner you get started the better for you.  It’s not a get rich quick scheme, so you do have to be prepared to put in the effort if you want to succeed.  It can actually be fun – everybody likes to make progress in life and see the fruits of their progress.
      2. I know that a certain percentage of you will take advantage of this training and build a website or two and learn as much as they can about this business and decide that they want to take it a step further and become a premium paid member.

That’s really it in a nutshell.  The ball is in your court now.  Do you want to earn some holiday money or do you want to put the effort in from today so that you can achieve the freedom lifestyle that is there for the taking for those who are prepared to take it seriously,  The Choice is yours.

Here is Your Invitation to Success

Earn money online without investment

If you decide to get started with the 2 free websites then hosting will also be provided for free.  However if you already have  your own domain or would prefer to buy one you can also get free web hosting which also includes an affiliate program that allows you to earn affiliate  commissions of up to $125.