The Pros and Cons of YouTube Channels



I wrote a lot of blogs before I made a videos.  I made a lot of youtube videos before I decided to make a channel.  Making videos is a fast and easy way to create trust and build a list.

Quite often people lack the confidence to make a video on YouTube or anywhere else for that matter.  

They worry about who might see it. They worry about their appearance, their accent, their knowledge on the subject they have chosen to talk about – the list goes on. The bottom line is that you have to start somewhere and even some of the top marketers admit that they were pretty hopeless at making videos when they started.

The good news is that the more videos you make the easier it becomes and that is when you start to get results.

If you really can’t gather up the courage to make one then why not do a powerpoint presentation using your voice just to get started?

Once you have got about a dozen videos you can start a channel on personal development for example or whatever your favourite topic or niche is.

When viewers enjoy one of your videos the chances are they will watch more from your channel – and if they get value from them they will probably watch them all. This is a fast way to get engagement with them and after watching your channel they may well tell their friends about it or even buy some of your products.

Hopefully they will subscribe to your channel and therefore automatically receive each new video that you create. You can send them to your link or your webpage or one of your social websites and then they will be on your list and maybe even a fan for life.

There are certainly a lot more pros than cons but there are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind.  It’s best to make sure that you make a copy of all your videos and then this will not be such a disaster if YouTube did not like your video for whatever reason they are perfectly within their rights to close your account and sometimes do so.

The other thing is that you should always be creating value, videos should be informative or entertaining not just you talking about yourself. Always remember who your target audience is and ask yourself this question “Is this video going to move them towards their goals?” If it is then it is a good video -i  otherwise just go back to the drawing board.

Always make sure that your link is in the top 2 lines of the description.
Have your keywords in the title and the first sentence and the last sentence and when it has been uploaded add the url of the youtube video to the bottom of your description.

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